Standard features incorporated into all site design:
  • Professional look and feel, and flawless operation.

  • Designs that inspire trust and confidence to visitors and potential clients.

  • Custom scripting and secure e-mail.

  • Friendly user control panel to add, delete, update and modify e-mail accounts.

  • Free graphic web statistics displaying site hits, referring links, keywords, daily, weekly, monthly and annual activity and much much more.

  Client: Bellacino's
Category: Advanced Package.
The Bellacino's restaurant franchise has more then 50 locations throughout the US, and growing.  Bellacino's  website was designed using personalized client guidelines and specifications.
Site Features :
Location maps to each individual restaurant and an impressive representation of active restaurant menus, Flash, Java, HTML and more.


Client: NewComputers.NET is now For Sale!
Category: Advanced Package

As its name implies; NewComputers.NET is an online e-Super Store, providing new computers, accessories and services to the entire technology world, both large and small.  Thousands of quality products and services at a fraction the cost of the competition, while remaining on the cutting edge of technology and never forgetting that the customer is always number one.

Site Features:

Award winning appearance, next generation product control, easy-product-search and swift customer checkout, product tracking and delivery.  Site contains HTML, JavaScript, ASP  and more...


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