Welcome, and thank you for stopping by the World Networking Group. The World Networking Group offers web design, development, web hosting, custom programming,  both LAN and Wireless networking, trouble shooting, remote and onsite computer service and repair, plus complete data recovery, and a host of vertically aligned business such as :

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The World Networking Group located in Kalamazoo and Scotts Michigan, with distribution centers in New York, California, Florida, Illinois and Michigan.  M-F 10am-5pm, (269) 345-6600 or by email

The World Networking Group is a global provider of web design, development, hosting, custom programming and networking solutions. With highly trained professionals we remain one of the industry's most affordable experienced networking and web design service providers. If what you are looking for has to do with computers, networking or web design, please keep us in mind; "we do it all!" References, click here! | Great Domains for sale!
Our versatility allows us to focus on small to large sized business needs, helping provide personal training and professional assistance with your every computer need; web hosting, design and maintenance, custom programming and networking, while offering fees that are more than competitive.  If you're looking for simple web page development or eye popping full featured e-business, you've come to the right place.
Please contact our professional staff for details and pricing.

   Why the World Networking Group will cost you less!

Friends, family and template website

  • Initial hourly expense usually $8 to $15 hourly or $14.00 to download a template, that gives you about $14.00 worth of success.

  • Guestimated price, sounds good and we're sure your friends mean well, but when was the last time you had a friend help you out and they actually finished the project?

  • Guestimated completion time (based on the web designer's availability (which is based on the his or her family needs, hobbies,  special commitments, interests and primary job etc.))  Other than these, your needs are number one.

  • Experience, most self-proclaimed web designers have completed at best 1 or 2 web sites, and even here, most of these are low traffic sites which generate little or no profit.  You should ask yourself if this is what you really want or need, a low traffic web site that generates zilch?

  • Templates are pretty, but pretty is not what customers are interested in.  Information and results are your primary customer's concerns.

  • Good Intensions, great, the old saying, and please pardon our French, but "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."  So let your friends and family remain friends and family and hire a real professional that will get the job done right, and on time and make you money.  Better yet, hire the World Networking Group!  Professional from start to finish!  Over 10 years experience and over 100 products and services listed on the first page of Google's search results!

  • If you are looking for real customer traffic, the World Networking Group is your web development company!


The World Networking Group

  • Experience; The World Networking Group has over 11 years of web experience and over 30 web design specialist to help create the perfect site for your needs.

  • Creating the right look and feel for your web site is important, not just for you, but your customer as well.  The World Networking Group provides time for both you and our web specialist to discus your every need, your customer's expectations and a detailed roadmap of products and/or services.

  • Functionality; your web site should be lean on graphics and slightly heavy on functionality.  Allow your customers to find help whenever needed while making your contact information clear but not intrusive.  Ordering, site description, company policies, hours, merchandise and service are all important, but should not be your sites only focus.  After all,  presentation is everything!

  • Deadlines:  It's important to you, your customer and ourselves that your web site is up and running as soon as possible.  To you it may be income, to your customer products or services and to us, referrals and the assurance this is another job done right.

  • Billing:  When it comes to cost, unlike many smaller companies, we can offer custom payment options including financing where needed.  Qualified credit required.

  • Pricing; from a basic web page to a  sophisticated data application, MYSQL, SQL, ASP, Java, PHP, VB and Flash, we do it all!  Please call for a project estimate.

Bottom-line:  $59.98 is the normal hourly rate charged by web designers, but keep in mind a professional web design team can usually finish a web site in less than 50% of the time it takes an amateur, plus a professional web site will help capture your customer's interest while providing you with the maximum amount of traffic and income.


Marketing: A professionally created web site will place your site in the top rankings  of many major Internet search engine purely by design, content and layout.   Although guaranteed placement if not possible, we do guarantee your site will out perform most of its competitors and our goal is to make you and your site profitable!


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